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Where's My Fringe?

      Email Post       3/10/2009 09:00:00 PM      

Only four more weeks to go until Fringe returns on April 7th, but don't worry... there's plenty to do until then!

If you've missed any episodes, you can catch up for free online:
There have also been two new Fringe Podcasts since the hiatus:
Also, there's always things to learn about Fringe and The Pattern over at Fringepedia, the best Fringe Wiki around!


Anonymous said...

ARG! i hate that american idol has deprived me of my weekly fringe fix for so long!

Anonymous said...

I miss 'fringe' so much. Best show on T.V., i can't get enuf. Hurry back, please. I was worried it was cancled. Dont do that.

Anonymous said...

OMG! I can't wait.. and of course it has to come back the night I'm leaving town! Damn!

Anonymous said...

omg I was worrying so much i thought it's cancelled! best show ever, hurry back!!!

Collie Dollie said...

Dennis, or anybody! Help! I cannot download or view on this old computer & I so want to know what happened in those last 7 minutes! Can somebody TELL me? Or email me colliedollie at aol.com so as not to ruin it for folks who don't want to know? :-<

Dennis said...

You can find transcripts of all the Fringe episodes over at Fringepedia.net, in the transcripts section.

The transcript for "Act 6" of Inner Child is here: http://fringepedia.net/index.php?title=Inner_Child/Transcript#ACT_VI

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