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What Would You Ask: Jeff Pinkner and JR Orci?

      Email Post       3/16/2009 03:35:00 PM      

Jeff Pinkner and J.R. Orci are waiting for your Fringe questions!
Excited about the return of Fringe? So are the writers and producers.

Writer and Supervising Producer J.R. Orci will join "Showrunner" Jeff Pinkner in an exclusive FringeTelevision.com interview to answer your questions about the future of Fringe.

What would you ask? We'll be accepting questions until tomorrow (3/17) at midnight (EST).


Anonymous said...

?Q#1: Obviously we can learn a ton about Walter, through his backstory with Bell... but how vital a role will Bell play in the telling of the stories of the science trio, and the task force, in their upcoming battles?

?Q#2: When (if) production moves to the Pacific North-West... will the storyline switch away from New England locales, or will there be a work-around to make B.C. locales look more 'Boston-esque'?

?Q#3: As a conspiracy theory buff, I am curious where we stand heading into the final episodes of Season 1. Would you say?
- 1) It's all pretty much been exposed, we just need to connect the dots?
- 2) There is a good amount we've put out there... and a good amount to come.
- 3) Hold onto your horses, we've barely grazed the tip of the iceberg.

?Q#4: Casting (regular and guest) has been tremendous on the series. Let's say you are in the tank, having your own dreamscape, and you are able to tap any acclaimed actor/actress on the shoulder and say, "we have a limited recurring role for you"... what shoulders would you be tapping, and what types of roles would they be filling?


tallone said...
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tallone said...

Sorry second post also... why so many references to Germany in the show and Walter's notes?

Anonymous said...

How much, if anything, do the Fringe comics reveal about the show?


Anonymous said...

My questions are about Olivia and Mr. Jones.

Question #1 - What is the connection between Mr. Jones and Olivia?

Question #2- Did he play some part in Olivia being dosed with the drug Cortexiphan when she was a child?

Anonymous said...

-Is the John Scott storyline completely over with? Will we eventually find out the reason why Liv could communicate with him in the tank?
- Do the flashing blue lights mean anything?
- Which character do you relate to most? Which one has been the most challenging to write for?
- Was "No-Brainer" purely stand-alone, or will we evntually find that it has something to do with The Pattern?

Anonymous said...

How far ahead do you write the scripts? Do you have the entire shows story line mapped out already in my minds, or do you write and see where the story takes you?

Anonymous said...

what's with the glyphs? why does there seem to be something else in the bottom of the apple glyph? why does the leaf have a delta symbol when you look at it one way and a diamond in another? Why does the frog glyph seem to only have 3 toes on it's bottom foot? why does it seem like there is a bird in the women face glyph? What's with the bug in the middle of the daisy?

Anonymous said...

Will there be a 2nd season for Fringe???

Anonymous said...

Will it be double the last chapter of the first season?

Anonymous said...

Is there any connection between Fringe and Lost? Or am I just jumping to conclusions? I'm starting to see little things, but they constitute more Easter egg-ish faire(Oceanic plane tickets, Drive Shaft song playing). I would love it if the two connected into one uber-continuity, but this almost never happens in television without it being announced first and slated as such (i.e. spin-offs). I think that the two shows, which I love dearly, sharing characters and plot points would be revolutionary. Even a no comment would make me happy!

tallone said...

Will you do a backstory on the events that lead to Walter being institutionalized? What about the early days with Peter? What is the Walter/William Bell/Massive Dynamic connection?

Anonymous said...

Hi, I am from Latin America, Venezuela and I love your show. The first episode is going to show today on Warner Channel but a lot of people like me is downloading it since it aired in the US.

I would like you to answer some questions to my Fringe Fan Blog: fringenews.wordpress.com

1) The first season was cut to 20 episodes. How is it going to affect the end of the season that you had planned?

2) If there are going to be new characters on the show.... can you tell us the names of the new actors that are coming for season 2? And maybe something about the new characters too :)

3) How is it to work with the cast? Especially what can you tell us about Anna Torv, Joshua Jackson and John Noble?

4) Are we going to see John Scott again? How/why?

5) How is the relation between Anna Torv and Mark Valley on the set? :D (I was so happy when I found out they got married)

6) Are you going to clear up a lot of things on this season finale or we will have to hold our breaths until the first episode of the second season?

I hope you'll answer some of my questions :) and thank you for all the work you do for the fans.

Lux Lea said...

Mr. Jones is my favorite character (next to Walter Bishop), any hints about what kind of player Mr. Jones is in the bigger/biggest picture? He's obviously not a foot soldier but does he have loyalties outside of himself? Is he tied in with Bell or is he rogue? How much does he really know?

Anonymous said...

Is Bolivia (peter and liv) gonna happen?


fringeobsessed said...

It is interesting that all the major characters have interacted with each other EXCEPT Astrid & Nina, and Walter & Nina.
Will Nina Sharp & Walter Bishop ever run into each other in the future of "Fringe"?

Will we ever find out more about Peter's mother? For some reason, I keep thinking that Nina Sharp could be either his biological or surrogate mother.

Anonymous said...

1.when will we see the observer again (in a major role)
2.any news on a dvd
3.how long do you plan for the show to go on

Anonymous said...

You said before that you are attracted to creating worlds with epic scope. Although many FRINGE episodes are to some extent stand-alone stories, there is clearly a complex, compelling background story being told at the same time, linking all episodes together. At this point in the writing of the show, what is the projected timeline for telling this whole story (2 seasons?, 3?, 5?) and can it be changed easily?


Jim in Georgia said...

How many Observers are there?

Did the Observer who saved Walter and Peter exceed his authority?

What happened to the "energy weapon" John Mosley dropped?

What do the four dots on Olivia's uncle's canoe tell us?

How many Observers are there?

Where did Jones go between Wissenshaft Prison and Little Hill that required decompression?

Could he have to somewhere other than Little Hill?

Jim in Georgia said...

Make that last "Could he have gone to somewhere other than Little Hill?"

Anonymous said...

Will either of you be at the Paley Festival in April, and will the discussion portion be on the dvd in its entirety? (Wish I could be there!)

Will we eventually find out about the 7 times Peter's been arrested?

When talking about his debt to Big Eddie in the pilot, Peter mentioned that he (Peter) wasn't a gambler and that something happened a couple years prior, that he went a bit crazy or that things were a bit crazy. Will we find out more about the cause of his dealings with Big Eddie?

Thanks to all involved for taking the time to compile/ask/answer our questions. Even if none of mine are asked, this is very much appreciated. :D Can't wait to read (and, fingers crossed, hear) the interview. Thanks!!

Anonymous said...

I think one of my biggest questions would be, Are we going to see two defined sides in this conflict anytime soon or is the conflict going to remain as ambiguous as it is now? In other words, are we going to learn who is fighting who in the near future?

Anonymous said...

Phew, I beat the deadline! Another thing occurred to me (the Anonymous @ 9:44pm), this one more of an afterthought as I do believe most of the bigger questions have been posed already.

IIRC, we've heard that Peter had a few papers published before it was discovered his MIT degree was falsified. Was any thought given to the topic(s) of those papers or was it just a comment to indicate Peter's intelligence and smoothness?

I'm mostly wondering if one day A) Walter may find one and try to discuss it with Peter, and/or B) we'll hear of someone taking something from Peter's theories. :O :D

Ooh, another thought! Do they find it difficult to write Gene into a scene? Have the actors suggested any Gene scenes?

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