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TV Guide: JH Wyman on Fringe Finale and Almost Human

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TV Guide has an interview with Fringe executive producer J.H. Wyman, which was done before the Almost Human panel at Comic-Con. Wyman discusses Walter's ultimate fate on Fringe and the White Tulip that Peter receives in the series finale:
In the series finale, Walter (John Noble) sacrificed himself by traveling to the future with September's son so that the Observers would never invade the past. In the closing moments, we saw the series flash-back to the day in the park when The Observers originally invaded, but this time, they don't show up. Peter (Joshua Jackson), Olivia (Anna Torv) and young Etta are able to go home as a family.

Though a touching swan song, Fringe fans still lamented the fact that Walter didn't get to be part of the happy family. "I'll make you not sad," Wyman tells "Walter is only happy when his brain is being challenged. Walter went to the future, and how do you know he didn't find a way back once again?"

Wyman notes that he meant for Peter's expression when he received the "white tulip" letter from Walter to be ambiguous. Did he recognize it or not? "Maybe someday there will be a Fringe movie and I'll explain some of the things that I want to explain, but I also wanted to let people make their own opinion. I wanted it to be as special to each person individually and let them make their own assumptions and live with it. I have a lot of story I can tell still and I love those characters so much."

Check out the rest of the interview for his comments on his new show Almost Human.

BTW, I have seen the pilot for Almost Human, and it has a very Fringe vibe, and it looks like it could be one of my new favorite shows!


Unknown said...

that's what's drawing me to 'Almost Human' too. I miss fringe terribly. There really isn't any other shows on TV right now that I can sink my brain in to.

Zepp said...

No doubt I'm also feeling a lack of Fringe. From what we witnessed in five seasons, Fringe has a script very rich, varied, and it leaves me with a glimmer of hope that, somehow, the universes of Fringe return or in the form of a feature film or even in the form another show with a script correlate. As I was saying, Fringe has many variables, such as shapeshifters, parallel universes conflicting, passages inter-dimensional, copies of people, time travel ... I see, for example, that only with the use of the characters of the shapeshifters, type similar to those that appeared on Fringe, would have to make another whole show, with many possibilities of creating a complete script of a drama with a lot of science fiction action and suspense! Fringe has many variables, multiple situations, and therefore, has not there, for me too, another show replacement to its height, at least so far. Anyway I'm waiting for the Almost Human, but now assuming, that is something else, quite different from our beloved Fringe. Or am I wrong? I do not know...

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