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      Email Post       8/23/2010 10:44:00 AM      

The latest issue of SFX Magazine give us some mild spoilers about season 3.


fringeobsessed said...

Thanks for posting this article, JDunham.

I think it's funny that Pinkner and Wyman call AltLiv 'Bolivia,' as in Olivia B(as opposed to 'our' Liv who is Olivia A).

When the Fringe fandom popped up in 2009 at most of the authors writing Peter/Olivia stories nicknamed them 'Bolivia' fiction from B for Bishop + Olivia=Bolivia. Many authors still call them Bolivia fics, however, more recently people are calling them 'Polivia' stories at

Hmm. Maybe all the P/O fictional stories at should be called 'Polivia' so Jeff Pinkner can use the 'Bolivia' term his way and no one gets confused.

JuliDG said...

Yeah thats right, but for me i dont like the Bolivia nick name cuz it make think about the latin contry named "Bolivia" and i just don like it, lol, I always call Bolivia ALt-Livia i dont care what Pinkner says, hahaha.

Take Care.

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