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Astrid TV Character Who Deserve a Spin-Off

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Astrid Farnsworth its in the top ten list of Buddy TV as one of the 10 characters who deserve a Spin-Off. What do you think?

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Astrid Farnsworth, Fringe
Show Title: Astrid
Premise: She may experience crazy things in her line of work, but at home, Astrid is just like any other girl with friends, family and plenty of relationship drama. I imagine this as an almost Felicity-esque series about a girl’s romantic troubles, only with the possibility of alternate universes and other sci-fi weirdness.

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labyrinth said...

NO NO NO! There is too much girly drama around. If there is a spin off of astrid, it should be the work that she did before she worked with fringe division. Think about it: what work did Astrid do that qualified her to work with walter?

Anonymous said...

No, the one character on this show who deserves his own spin-off is the character the writers always write off and that's P.e.t.e.r.

This show has been nothing but a walter and olivia adventure. Nothing about Peter is ever out in the open. Peter is the one who needs his own spin-off.

Curt & Pat Rozeboom said...

I don't know about a spin-off, but this show is ripe for a Futurama parody. The cast line-ups parallel each other so well you'd think they were from alternate universes.

Unknown said...

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Anonymous said...

Of course she *deserves* a spin-off, but whether there should *be* one is another question entirely. I think the answer is no. These things rarely go well. Remember the Lone Gunmen?

What I'd like to see are more Astrid-centric episodes in the future, letting her have a more active role and exploring her history. Hopefully with Olivia somewhat indisposed, we'll see more of Astrid.

Anonymous said...

NO WAY she gets a spin-off. Spin-offs are predicated on important/key characters from successful shows.

1) Astrid is not a key character on this show... in fact we are still waiting for her to become relevant after two seasons.

2) This is not a successful show. Imagine how bad ratings would be for poor Astrid spinning-off from low-rated FRINGE. They would cancel it after 6 eps.

Don't get me wrong... I like the actor and the character, a lot. But you can't take a second step when you haven't taken a first step. Maybe after 5 or 6 seasons she'll be 'ripe'.

Anonymous said...

No offense DocH but just the fact that the show is in its third season while every single new show on broadcast has been cancelled in its FIRST season is pretty successful to me.

Anonymous said...

OTA broadcast makes almost no money for Bad Robot productions or FB2 (WB) Studios. FRINGE is consistently third or fourth in its current timeslot and generates just enough money to pay FOX to air it. Bad Robot and the studio make their money in DVD sales. It is the same formula they used with LOST, which was an insanely expensive show to shoot... but despite sagging ratings, it stayed on the air because all of the profit was in after-market sales and merchandising. There aren't too many shows around that generate revenue like LOST and FRINGE.

Fringe is on an budget exemption in Vancouver. They are limited on what they can spend there. Right now the union contract they have is for less than $1mil per episode. Which is tiny. They spend more when it gets to post-production in SoCal though.

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