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Fox to 'Fringe' fans: 'We have no intention of screwing with the show'

      Email Post       8/02/2010 10:41:00 PM      

Despite a dip in ratings last season, Fringe remains a key asset for Fox. That’s the word from the network’s entertainment prez Kevin Reilly, who sang the show’s praises at press tour this morning.

“We have no intention of screwing with Fringe because the show has been going great,” assured Reilly. “It really came into its own last season. If I have any frustration it’s that I’d like the audience to be bigger because people deserve to see the work.”

Reilly went on to say that “the first batch of scripts with the alternative universe” have been particularly strong.

Source: The Ausiello Files


Dennis said...

Maybe they should move it back to Tuesdays...

Unknown said...

I respect Fox so much for this. Another network coughABCcough would have sacked the show already

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