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Fringe: Walter's Phone Messages

      Email Post       3/31/2010 11:35:00 PM      

This is a compilation of three "Walter's Phone" videos. The assorted messages are mostly humorous, but there are a few hidden Easter eggs. UPDATED: Now includes all four clips!

  • There are three morse code messages that when decoded spell out "HE WILL SOON LEARN THE TRUTH", probably referring to Peter
  • The message at 2:52 is from White Tulip paper products. White Tulip is the name of an upcoming Fringe episode.
  • The message at 4:43 sounds like the Smoke monster from LOST. There are also accompanying booming sound in some of the surrounding messages.


Dennis said...

It's mostly just supposed to be funny, like the "Deep In The Lab" videos

fringeobsessed said...

Nice job, Dennis.
I got "U" instead of "He," and I missed "The" but I got the rest right.
I would LOVE to know what speed that code was sent at-had to be at least 20 Words Per Minute(WPM) because I normally copy at about 12-14 WPM.

Unknown said...

ahhh.. i was hoping I could say I figured out the morse code phrase on the walter phone calls... but we have the fringe master here. Sorry I doubted. lol

Unknown said...

Ya, the "the" was tricky to figure out. I was just doing the stop start method real fast and then I figured out what I did wrong.

Sarah said...

I thought those videos were hilarious. Thanks for giving the translation of the morse code.

Unknown said...

Oh no!!! WHy did you remove it?

Dennis said...

Sorry. I originally uploaded the first video before the fourth clip came out, so i deleted it and uploaded a new one. For some reason Blogger was still hanging on to the old URL, but it should work now...

@BCatDC said...

Finally took the time to solve this then decided to look and see if anyone else had. Fun times, too bad I waited so long. Anyway the nagging question remains. What if anything is song Walter was worried about. I played with the song components in an audio editor. Each has thump preceding the "sample" I lined those up... nothing. At least nothing I can recognize. Anyone play with this/ know anything about it?

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