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Fringe Returns Two Weeks Early

      Email Post       3/13/2010 01:28:00 AM      

Fringe will return two weeks early with 'encore' episodes starting March 18th, thanks to early demise of Past Life. The Fringe episode August (208) will re-air this Thursday, and the "winter finale" episode Jacksonville (214) will repeat on March 25th. The Fringe "spring premiere" episode Peter will air on April 1st, followed by the final seven episodes of season two.

For more information on the upcoming episode Peter, including the official press release and promotional photos, head over the the Fringe Spoilers section.


Unknown said...

Your announcement of two repeats and the official press release of the spring premiere both refer to "Peter: followed by seven new episodes, BUT you list on the home page shows "Peter" followed by SIX episodes. Is there one on May 6?

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