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Where to begin? I should probably start with who I am (but I'll keep it short). I had a real blast blogging about another JJ Abrams project, Cloverfield. I enjoyed it so much that, for a time, it became all consuming. As Cloverfield began to wind down I came to the conclusion that my time was best spent all consumed (read: I find what I want to do when I all growed up). With that decided, the only thing left to do was to find a new project worthy of my obsession. That particular quest was short-lived since soon after I started looking I came across this Wired article about Fringe. I was intrigued, and as I dug deeper into the story, I discovered that Fringe was exactly what I was looking for. A show that's been described as a cross between X-Files, LOST and House, and with an overarching mythology to boot. Yeah, it was safe to say I'd found my new reason for being and the seed for fringetv was sown.

Fringe TV is designed to have something for everyone, or alternatively, everything a fan of Fringe could want. But mostly, it is designed to be a collaborative site because in my experience, those are the best kind.

Site Map:

Fringe TV Blog. This is the masthead or the hub of the site. It is where you'll find the latest news about Fringe from around the web, as well the latest community happenings. A good place to start and yes, if contributing to the blog is your speed, you can.

Fringe TV Sideblog/Forum: A forum is, without a doubt the key ingredient of any fan site. It is where the best discussions take place, and more often then not, where the latest news is first reported.

Fringe TV on Facebook: There's a reason Facebook is all the rage. Join the FOX's 'Fringe' Fanclub & Network Group on Facebook, or use Fringe as an excuse to join Facebook and then join the group.

Fringe TV on Flickr: A group image pool where you can browse images from the show or the set, or add those you've taken or found.

Fringe TV Wiki: An in-depth wiki dedicated to the show, from individual characters and episodes to themes and theories and whatever else might prove relevant.

If you're interested in collaborating or contributing in any aspect of the site, feel free and make yourself at home, or you can contact me regarding higher levels of participation at: editor@fringetelevision.com


Anonymous said...

This is such a great site. It's in my favorites already and I check it daily. Is it fall yet?

Edward said...

Glad you like the site and thanks for the comment. No, unfortunately it's not fall yet, but it's on my to-do list (although way down toward the bottom). I should get around to it sometime in September (it's a long list).

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Do you know if Toronto is going to be the shoot location for the series? I know the pilot was filmed there but I wasn't sure if they would continue to shoot there or move to NY, LA or somewhere else.

Edward said...

Sorry. I have no idea. If I were to hazard a guess, I'd assume the same logic that sent them to Toronto to film the pilot would apply to filming the series. Also, from what I gather, they formed a Canadian production company, Fringe Element Films Inc.

As for where else they might go? Boston?

Anonymous said...

Thank you for replying. It's been a long time since I was so excited for a TV show. Great site by the way :)

Anonymous said...

Should have said on my first post, I was really excited to find this fan site for 'Fringe' and I WILL be back here a lot.

Edward said...

Glad to head it Lorna. I'll be looking forward to seeing you around.

Anonymous said...

Hi there, greetings from England. Very excited about this show - hopefully, a British broadcaster will snap it up sharpish.

Look forward to reading your updates, and all the very best with the site.

tallone said...

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tallone said...

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