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Fringe at the Paley Center for Media - From my perspective

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On a recent trip to L.A., I had the (intended) opportunity to visit the Paley Center for Media. The current exhibition features Warner Bros.Television Out of the Box, presenting costumes, props, scripts, and more from iconic TV shows, past and present. Let's take a look, shall we!

These were some of my favorites:
Without A Trace
China Beach
Colleen McMurphy's (Dana Delany) uniform
Handwritten script by John Sacret Young, co-creator of China Beach.
The Closer - Chief Brenda Leigh Johnson's (Kyra Sedgwick) costume
And of course: FRINGE

As I started the tour from the beginning, the first item I spotted was this.
Besides playing "spotting the Observer" and looking for clues, figuring out what the glyphs meant were some of the fun, extra things to look forward to in each episode. You can find the glyph alphabet here along with each glyph word for every episode.

Then I went upstairs where all the costumes and props were displayed.

The glass case
Let's break it apart:
- The double-decker car from 2.14 Jacksonville
When Astrid showed Walter the car, he remembered what Newton did and what the consequences would be.

- The snow globes from 2.04 Momentum Deferred
Nina used them to demonstrate to Olivia what would happen: "The Pauli Exclusion Principle means that no two objects can occupy the same space at the same time. Doctor Bell was afraid that if the doorway between the two sides was ever opened... that the unavoidable conclusion... only one world would remain."

- The Observer binoculars which appeared throughout the series. Here are a few examples.
1.04 The Arrival
The view through them was cool too and they also contained the green, green, green, red dots (bottom left).
2.08 August
PIN SELLER: "Nice specs. I've never seen anything like them before."
AUGUST: "They're from somewhere far away."

4.15 A Short Story About Love
September had left them for Peter to find, along with a device that would lead Peter to the beacon.

Re-posting the glass case for easier reference
- Next we have the infamous photos of Peter and Fauxlivia.
3.08 Entrada
Peter finds them as he is searching for clues. Later, when Fauxlivia is caught at the train station, Peter finds them in her backpack.
- The description in the glass case specifies the coin as the one from 2.15 Peter
The original Peter, from this universe (left picture) and (our) Peter from the other universe (right picture) learned coin tricks to assuage their fears while sick.
The coin seems important to both Peter and Walter.
1.10 Safe
Peter plays with a coin and Walter recalls aspects about Peter when he was sick as a child and thus remembering what he hid in the safety deposit boxes.
1.20 There Is More Than One Of Everything
September hands Walter a coin: "Do you recognize this?
WALTER: "How did you get that?"
SEPTEMBER: "This coin looks similar to the one you're thinking of. But it is from another place."
Walter found what he was looking for (later in the same episode).
Peter and Walter arrive at Reiden Lake.
WALTER: "You may not remember this. When you were a boy, you were very sick, dying... And sometimes you got scared. And to calm yourself, to forget what you were going through, you took to collecting coins. This one, this was your favorite."
PETER: "You're right. I don't remember any of that."
WALTER: "I do."
At the end of the episode, Walter visits (original) Peter's grave again and leaves the coin.
3.21 The Last Sam Weiss
Peter is confused after getting injured. He is looking for a pawn shop where he buys a coin.
PETER: "This one."
STORE OWNER: "Silver half dollar."
PETER: "It's my favorite. It always brings me luck."
Walter looks quite surprised when he sees it.
I wonder if he was thinking back to that day when September gave one like it to him. 

4.05 Novation
Walter reminisces about Peter's childhood, looking at keepsakes, among them a coin.

- The last items in the glass case are notes from William Bell to Olivia at their meeting in the alternate universe which we were privy to in 2.04 Momentum Deferred, the symbol on Newton's head and the location of his head. Bell is drawing the symbol.
Later in Nina's office, Olivia sees the image again and this time also the location.
Also, after drinking the black worm cocktail, Olivia has visions of Bell, him speaking backwards and a written message which was also backwards.

Moving on to the next item in the exhibit... the "window to the other side"
2.15 Peter
WALTER: "For the last several years, William and I have been conducting various experiments regarding this other universe. So based on our findings, we developed a window of sorts, a way of looking into this neighboring world."
Later in the episode Walter witnessed Walternate finding the cure for Peter but getting distracted by September.
And the last time we see the "window to the other side" was in 5.12 Liberty, to find out what the other side looks like in order to safely rescue Michael.

This was hanging on the wall behind the display. A warning sign in the alternate universe.
Milo ran by it in 3.03 The Plateau
It also appeared in 3.18 Bloodline

Next up was the typewriter, used by the Shapeshifters and Fauxlivia to communicate with the other side.
We first saw it in 2.01 A New Day In The Old Town. A Shapeshifter who came after Olivia used it to receive further instruction.
Then in 2.02 Night Of Desirable ObjectsCharlie... well the shapeshifter Charlie, used it also to await instruction on how to get information from Olivia.
In 2.22 Over There, Fauxlivia had been swapped with our Olivia, coming to our side, using the typewriter to inform Walternate that the infiltration was successful.
And in 3.08 Entrada we finally learn its "official" name.
WALTER: "It's a quantum entangled telegraph. It's a machine that could communicate between universes. It's fascinating."

And now I'll get to the most exciting one (for me at least) and trust me if the security guard wouldn't have been standing there I so would have touched it... Walter's costume/coat which was designed by Jenni Gullett.
Here is the first and last appearance of the coat...
1.01 Pilot
Walter was released from St. Claire's and sets foot in his lab again.
5.13 An Enemy Of Fate
Walter taking Michael into the future.

Then I walked downstairs and along one wall I found these

There was an exhibit on the main floor and one of the items was this (I'm sure you can guess what show this is from) which also has links to Fringe.
Yep... LOST
Oceanic Air was used a few times in Fringe. Some of the episodes that come to mind were 1.09 The Dreamscape
Mark Young had booked a flight to Omaha on Oceanic Air.
Just a few days ago as I was looking for references, I spotted this right behind Alt-Charlie in 3.03 The Plateau.
And 4.11 Making Angels
Neil Chung was looking for potential victims while checking their boarding passes. This Lady flying OA (Oceanic Air)

In my excitement of being there at all I forgot to take pictures of the whole LOST exhibit but fear not you can see some of them here and the cool part is you can participate in an auction to benefit the American Cancer Society.

This concludes the tour through the Paley Center. The staff was wonderful and it is for sure worth a trip if you visit L.A.

DISCLAIMER: Even though everyone is allowed to take "no flash" photos, and some photos are floating around on the web, I specifically asked permission for the purpose of this post and would appreciate it if instead of using/copying my photos, you provide the link to this. Thank you.

And even though this was part of a personal vacation, where ever I am or what ever I do, I always have my eyes open for connections to Fringe.
I took the Metro a lot and the first time... totally had "Nellie the Elephant" song on my mind.
1.17 Bad Dreams
Walking along Hollywood Blvd.
PETER: "You're honestly telling me you've never seen Casablanca?"

Downtown L.A. I know it's not the one but it's close...
The Orpheum in New York was a soft spot where it was easy to cross universes.
2.22 Over There Part 2
The Orpheum was used to cross over to the alternate universe to bring Peter back.
After Olivia escaped from Liberty Island, she came back to the Orpheum. She had hoped to return to our universe but as she arrives, the Orpheum was ambered.  
In 2026 this universe's Orpheum was destroyed by The End Of Dayers led by Moreau.
4.08 Back To Where You've Never Been
In the new timeline, Peter and Lincoln used the Orpheum to cross to the alternate universe in order to ask for help from Walternate, to assist Peter in returning to his timeline.

Saw this on the way
A mode of transportation in the alternate universe.
On my last day, I went to the Huntington Library and found these.
Rosalind Franklin contributed to the discovery of DNA by Watson and Crick.
3.13 Immortality
ARMAND SILVA: "Have you heard of... Watson and Crick?"
JERRY BISSELL: "They're those DNA guys, right?"
And these were hanging on the wall right across.
The seahorse of course is part of the glyph alphabet but it was also:
2.13 The Bishop Revival
WALTER: "Das Seepferdchen. The seahorse. I know who created this toxin...  They called him "the seahorse" because he was a great swimmer."
PETER: "Okay, good for him. But who is he?"
WALTER: "My father. Doctor Robert Bishop."
And the porcupine reminded me of this one in 4.15 A Short Story About Love,
which was the clue for 4.16 Nothing As It Seems,
which was a case that went a bit different in the original timeline.
1.13 The Transformation
And apparently Walter kept his "porcupine man" as we discover in 5.04 The Bullet That Saved The World.

Fringe has been off the air for about a year and a half now but there are still discoveries to be made.

5.08 The Human Kind (a bit modified):
"FRINGE is alive inside us. And there's nothing that anybody can do about it, because the love that we can share with this show is invulnerable to space and time, even though it's not airing new episodes anymore. And I know that our hearts are broken and that it hurts, But that's what makes us human. We need to hold on to our connection with FRINGE. We cannot let it be erased."

** Acknowledgement and sources: episode screen shots from and my screen caps (taken for the purpose of this post only), episode references and transcripts from, opening photo credit which is listed as public domain:


Blue said...

How cool! I'm so glad they included Fringe in the exhibit - my favorite Fox show ever!!! Now I think l'll have to rewatch some of my favorite episodes (again!) this weekend. It made my day seeing your post. :-)

GodsGirl said...

This post was like a breath of fresh air! I miss Fringe with a passion and reading this kind of made it feel new and real again. I love that you threw some of the LOST stuff in here also as I am a huge fan of that show too! But the ending of this beautiful post was my very favorite! Fringe can truly never be erased from our hearts and memories! Thank you so much for taking the time to write this and share the wonderful pictures!

cortexifan said...

@blue and @GodsGirl, thank you so much for your kindness. I miss Fringe as well and was so happy to "bring it back to life" for at least this post. It will not be erased, ever.

Zepp said...

Oh cortexifan, thank you for your posting, it makes me remember those fantastic moments Fringe. These objects and posters that you photographed and described as icons are really excite our memories Fringies. From time to time I have repeated to watch the whole show Fringe, in order not to lose or recall those interdimensional atmospheres that made both vibrate. And beside that, I have watched John Noble (now Sleepy Holow) and our "Sam Wiess" (with participation in "The Mentalist"). But I have not heard anything with reference to Joshua Jackson and Anna Torv. Thanks again for such a great post, and here I am waiting for a news type "Fringe Again".

cortexifan said...

@Zepp. I'm glad you enjoyed it. Yes I still watch too so I won't forget and/or learn more. I too watch Sleepy Hollow. Joshua Jackson is working on a show called: The Affair, Michael Cerveris is on The Good Wife and that's all the concrete information I have.

Unknown said...

Love the show and keep rewatching to catch all the details! Thank you for sharing!

Grebby1968 said...

I was so excited to see another post on this page. It reminded me of when the show was airing. It's so sad that it's dried up now, as there's still douch more to say. This article was great even if it did make me a little emotional.

Old Darth said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Old Darth said...

Wonderful write up and it brought back so many great memories.


Sham Monk said...

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