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Comic: Tales From The Fringe Update

      Email Post       7/30/2010 02:24:00 PM      

A couple weeks ago the first edition of Tales From The Fringe was realesed, now the second issue has a new released day:

Plus, we also know that the #5 issue is going to be focus on Gene (The cow):

Written by MIKE JOHNSON and KIM CAVYAN ; Art by TOM MANDRAKE and DAVID HAHN; Cover by DIEGO LATORRE; 1:10 Photo variant cover
If you watch the hit TV series, you know Gene, the test-subject cow. In this issue we explore her dreams! Between cadaverous puzzles and a beautiful mermaid hell-bent on revenge, you'll see sides of Gene you never expected! 
  • Wildstorm
  • 32pg.
  • Color
  • $3.99 US
On Sale October 27, 2010
Source: Wildstorm


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