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The Many Dimensions of Dr. Walter Bishop

      Email Post       6/23/2010 08:58:00 PM      

Fox has released a new video which explores "the emotions of a man who ruined two universes for the sake of one life", aka Dr. Walter Bishop.


Unknown said...

Just started watching the show and enjoying it but in season 1 episode 2 , and I have to be a geek here, the writers missed one of the most fundamental laws in science. Energy can only be converted, it is neither created or destroyed so how could that freak baby/ old man have grown at such a rate with no energy to draw on?
Surely a better synopsis adding to the mystery of the plot would be the hooker ages herself on way to hospital, the dr 's watch as the woman ages and gives birth then dies. The baby should not have grown just aged but would have grown inside her drawing on her energy hence her agaeing. And it would have been a more challenging mystery to unravel for the lead characters
am I wrong ?
Grumpiest bear

oh yeah I know my post has nothing to do with previous article, I just wanted to get it off my chest lol

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