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New Fringe Viral Site Revealed At Comic-Con

      Email Post       7/25/2009 09:31:00 PM      

Our good friend Mandy picked up on the following Fringe viral site while roaming the Comic-Con floors yesterday. Could there be a Fringe ARG on the way? I guess we'll find out in 13 days!

(In-depth Comic-Con report soon...)


JoshJ said...

For now it looks like it is just a WB link to DVD/BRay... which has gone down to $38/$49 (plus S&H).

tallone said...

It said in 10 days phase 2 starts...leave your e-mail for notification...who knows what's up next?

Techjunkie said... email. timer is at all 0. I guess it's a dud?

tallone said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
tallone said...

6:45 P.M. est..ditto timer at e-mail.. diito dud

tallone said...

OMG...3 days later still nothing.

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