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Fringe Pilot Script Synopsis?

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On WyvernHawk, The Other Girl claims to have the script for the JJ Abrams, Alex Kurtzman and Roberto Orci Fox television pilot FRINGE in hand, and she gives an outline of the first episode--minus spoilers. Nevertheless, she does go into plenty of detail, so don't follow the link if you prefer to be left in the dark. Her opinion having read the script:

... FRINGE has Abrams' stamp all over it - from the jaw dropping ... incident opener, to the supernatural phenomena and conspiracy theories, all encapsulated in plenty of high octane action. Rumored to have a budget in the region of $10million, the pilot script for this 13 part series is complex, ambitious, intelligent and, above all, hugely entertaining. This was a thrilling read and I'm really looking forward to seeing it brought to life...


Anonymous said...

I have a question, in the script, they always say theory instead of hypothesis. is this an error?.

A theory is something that with the right conditions will always prove true while an hypothesis its just an asumption of what is or has happened based on stated conditions.

There is a big difference, am I the only one who is noticing that?

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