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Fringe Glyph Code 511: "The Boy Must Live"

      Email Post       1/11/2013 10:00:00 PM      

The Glyphs code in the Fringe episode "The Boy Must Live" spelled out GRACE, like how the Observer boy will be their saving grace.

For more information on the Fringe Glyphs, check out Fringepedia's Glyph / Symbols page, which has all the previous glyphs and codes.


Frederique said...

not sure but wasn't the woman who gave olivia that truck also called grace ? cant remember properly but immediately thought of her though

Dennis said...

No, that was Simone.

The only minor character named Grace was an assistant in the episode 312 "Concentrate And Ask Again"

Unknown said...

if the observers are deleted surely peter will die because september saved him??

Frederique said...

Oh you're totally right! Ihad Revolution on my mind

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