Friday, January 11, 2013

Fringe 512/513 Preview: "Liberty" & "An Enemy Of Fate"

Here is the preview from the end of "The Boy Must Live" for the Fringe 2-part SERIES FINALE episode "Liberty" & "An Enemy Of Fate", which airs ONE HOUR EARLY on FRIDAY, January 18th at 8:00PM on FOX.

Screenshots from this preview can be viewed at


  1. REDVERSE!!!!!!!!!!!! OMG i just had a nergasm

  2. Redverse to the rescue!?? OMG! I'm still laughing and shaking at the same time. I had totally given up on ever seeing them again. This is better than a $10K tax refund!

  3. Oh no did I see Broyles 0.17 sec :-(

  4. Fauxlivia and Lincoln ! YOOOOOHOOOOOOOOOOOOOO ! Thank you, writers !!!( By the way, why are they still young ? Did Olive go back in time, or is the Other Side's medical technology THAT good ? )
    Oh s*** ... is Broyles dying ????

  5. Lccf - check out the images. 21/42 shows a closeup of Linc, who appears to have grey hair. Red Olivia looks subtly different as well. So assuming we're seeing 2036 in the RedVerse, they are 10 years older than P & O were in 2026.

    Next question, assuming a RedVerse 2036, is were they invaded too? Looks not to me.

    Linc & red Olivia may be married with children, meaning Olivia will see a glimpse of the life she and Peter could have had.

    Still looking for Broyles.

  6. @milostanfield :
    Broyles is lying on the ground at 0:17. ( It's really quick, but it's definitely him, he's got the same cap as in "Letters of transit"'s final scene ). His eyes are still open, but it looks bad.

  7. It's a demo with images in very rapid sequences. He called me a lot of attention to something that might be a kind of meeting, friendly, between Fauxlivia and Olivia, maybe Redverse, I do not know. What was already complicated, so now I can not, understand anything in Fringe. But I still firmly investing on the emotions and ideas of Wyman. Also because I have no other way that is more plausible. Yes, Fringe is in the end. I hope that what we're watching for in the two sets of final episodes, it's the end of a stage in the saga of Fringe, and not the end of the "thinking", or a final end of the "idea" Fringe.


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